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MI Families for Economic Prosperity Statement on 1-Year Anniversary of Republican Tax Scam


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November 2, 2018

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MI Families for Economic Prosperity Statement on 1-Year Anniversary of Republican Tax Scam  

Upton failed constituents with vote to give massive tax breaks to wealthy, threaten Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security

KALAMAZOO — Today is the 1-year anniversary since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was introduced. Republicans including Fred Upton gave massive tax breaks to the country’s wealthiest individuals and largest corporations. Now, they are setting their sights on gutting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security to pay for those tax breaks. Instead of helping working families make ends meet or protecting seniors, the GOP is focused on giving tax breaks to corporations, the wealthy, and their donors.

“Congressman Upton likes to pretend he’s a moderate concerned about the well-being of his constituents but his vote and defense of the Republican Tax Scam is proof he’s anything but,” said Hugh Madden, communications director of Progress Michigan and a member of MI Families for Economic Prosperity. “Upton has failed to commit to protecting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security even as Senator Mitch McConnell is openly calling for cuts.”

Senator McConnell called for cuts to vital programs that help many people in the 6th Congressional district and blamed a rising deficits without pointing out that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a leading driver of the increased deficits.

“Upton allowing McConnell to get away with this craven lie is further proof that Upton has turned his back on southwest Michigan and puts party before country,” Madden continued. “Fred Upton has changed and the people of his district have lost out. After 32 years in Washington, Upton hasn’t earned another term.”


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