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RELEASE: Citizens Hold Congressman Bishop Accountable on Healthcare, Tax Votes

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Contact: Sam Inglot,

Citizens Hold Congressman Bishop Accountable on Healthcare, Tax Votes

Congressman Bishop voted for the GOP Tax Law and American Health Care Act that will increase taxes on working families and potentially restrict healthcare access to constituents in the district

BRIGHTON — Michigan Families for Economic Prosperity held an accountability event on Monday outside of the American Spirit Centre in Brighton where Congressman Mike Bishop was in attendance. Citizens were outside to express their concerns over the votes that Bishop took on the American Health Care Act and the GOP Tax Law.

The American Health Care Act would have been devastating for the constituents of the district. If the AHCA would have passed, health insurance premiums would have increased by 20 percent, 313,600 people in his district would have been discriminated due to pre-existing conditions, and 31,900 people in the district would have lost health care coverage.

The GOP Tax Law that Bishop supported will hurt people in his district and the state. Over 789,000 Michiganders will not see a tax cut next year, Michigan families will pay $256 million next year due to the tax increases while the wealthy will see big cuts in their taxes and Wall Street stockholders benefit from hundreds of billions of dollars in corporate stock buybacks. Bishop voted for three different versions of the tax law including one that would have repealed the deduction that students could take on their student loan interest.

“Congressman Bishop needs to address why he has been on the wrong side of the issues when it comes to healthcare and taxes,” said Sam Inglot, constituent of Congressman Mike Bishop and deputy communications director with Progress Michigan. “Bishop’s constituents want to have affordable healthcare and tax policy that works for them, not restricting healthcare coverage to the people in the state or tax giveaways to wealthy CEOs.”


Michigan Families for Economic Prosperity is a coalition made up of partners on the national and local level fighting the repeals of the Affordable Care Act and against the GOP tax law. The coalition is still growing and currently includes Protect Our Care, Not One Penny, Michigan United, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan, Mothering Justice, Michigan Student Power Network, and Progress Michigan.