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RELEASE: Michigan Families Blast Congressman Bishop for Cutting Food Assistance to Families

News from MI Families for Economic Prosperity

June 22, 2018

Contact: Hugh Madden,, 517-999-3646

Michigan Families Blast Congressman Bishop for Cutting Food Assistance to Families
Congressman Mike Bishop voted for cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

LANSING — Today, Michigan Families for Economic Prosperity called out Congressman Mike Bishop for his vote on the Republican Farm Bill that could take away food from working families in his district. If the bill becomes law, some 41,350 households could be at risk of losing assistance to feed their families.

Bishop has voted twice to cut food assistance to children; voted to cut health care for families; and refuses to stand up for children at the border. The farm bill puts work requirements on food assistance that are likely to cause many eligible people to lose their food assistance while straining cash-strapped state budgets by increasing workloads for those trying to help families in need.

“Congressman Mike Bishop’s callous disregard for struggling families in his district is despicable,” said Hugh Madden, communications director at Progress Michigan. “Unfortunately, his vote to slash funding for food assistance is more of the same considering his record of continued attacks on families across his district. With his votes on the repeal of health care, supporting the Trump Tax, and now a plan to make it hard for struggling families to make ends meet, it’s no wonder Congressman Bishop avoids meeting with his constituents. I assume it would be hard to look someone in the eye and tell them they don’t deserve the same dignity as wealthy donors.”