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RELEASE: New Ad Touting GOP Tax Plan is Full of Holes

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April 18, 2018

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New Ad Touting GOP Tax Plan is Full of Holes

Ad says average family will save $2,000, which is not entirely accurate

MICHIGAN — A new ad running in Michigan touts the GOP Tax Plan and claims the average family will save $2,000, which is not entirely accurate. The reported $1 million ad buy is sponsored by the American Action Network. 

The $2,000 claim has been made by supporters of the tax plan, including House Speaker Paul Ryan. But analysis of the claim shows that the facts don’t exactly support the argument.

In Michigan, analysis shows that the richest 5 percent of earners will get 51 percent of the benefit from the tax cuts next year. In addition, nearly 790,000 Michiganders will see no tax cut this year. Next year, Michigan families will pay $256 million due to the tax increases from the GOP Tax Plan. 

“Corporate special interests are the ones who benefit the most from the GOP Tax Plan and now they’re trying to buy air support for the Republican congressmen who sold out their constituents and voted for this tax scam,” said Sam Inglot, deputy communications director at Progress Michigan“Michiganders won’t be fooled by this corporate spin. The GOP Tax Plan put Michigan families’ futures at risk, jeopardizes access to healthcare, and could mean big cuts to programs like Medicare and Social Security.”