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RELEASE: Stories, Numbers Show Success on the 8th Anniversary of the ACA

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Friday, March 23, 2018

Contact: Sam Inglot,

Stories, Numbers Show Success on the 8th Anniversary of the ACA

Elected officials like Upton, Bishop have been on wrong side of healthcare debate

LANSING — Affordable healthcare advocates held a press call on Friday morning to discuss the personal stories of constituents of Congressman Bishop and highlighted the successes of the Affordable Care Act, which was signed eight years ago by President Obama. The call started with an overview of the ACA, and how it has positively affected people in the state of Michigan.

Todd Heywood, Lansing resident, shared his story of about how the ACA has protected him from financial ruin and provided coverage to him due to having a pre-existing condition. In 2015, he was hospitalized for five days and says he would’ve gone bankrupt or died without Healthy Michigan and Medicaid expansion from the ACA.

“People living with HIV are now able to suppress their virus due to being able to afford their medication with the benefits provided by the ACA” said Todd Heywood. “If we start limiting who has access to healthcare coverage, we will end up with more issues with public health and infectious diseases, and that would be bad for Michigan.”

Charles Gaba, healthcare policy analyst for, went over the numbers about how 24 percent of people in Michigan are currently covered by Medicaid and ACAMedicaid expansion. He confirmed that the ACA has expanded healthcare coverage for the state of Michigan. However, he warned about the attacks on the ACA by Bishop and Upton.

“If Upton and Bishop’s support for the American Health Care Act would’ve been law, 43,500 Michiganders would’ve lost coverage in Upton’s district and 38,200 Michiganderswould’ve lost coverage in Bishop’s district,” said Charles Gaba. “The ‘solutions’ that Upton and Bishop have come up would’ve only harmed their constituents and increased health insurance premiums, which would only restrict access to healthcare coverage.”

Michigan Families for Economic Prosperity plans on working hard to educate the people of Michigan about how the ACA has helped people throughout the state and hold elected officials accountable for their votes in Congress to upend the life-saving law.

“Further attacks on the program only hurt more people in Michigan,” said Sam Inglot, deputy communications director for Progress Michigan. “Congressman Bishop and Upton have failed their constituents. Instead of working to improve healthcare in America, they have done the bidding of their donors at the expense of people they represent.”


Michigan Families for Economic Prosperity is a coalition made up of partners on the national and local level fighting the repeals of the Affordable Care Act and against the GOP tax law. The coalition is still growing and currently includes Protect Our Care, Not One Penny, Michigan United, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan, and Progress Michigan.